yard sale day 137

This poor Schwin exercise bike sat at the yard sale all day long entertaining kids by the hour but not seeming to catch the eye of any adult who was willing to pay for it.

As I look at this bike, I see myself in an odd sort-of way.

Wanting to be of use but not always feeling “equipped.”

Wanting to “go for God” but often feeling “one wheel short.”

Wanting to be of value but thankfully aware that true value is not found in “me” but in “Him.”

As I venture into today, my prayer is that I can focus on Him…

He supplies my every need.

His strength is made perfect in my weakness.

He alone is worthy.

I pray that you will find Him today in your shortcomings, your stress, your tiredness, your “Monday moments,” your sadness, your joy, your loneliness, your “one wheel missing” experiences, and even in your total contentment….

I have found (for me any way) that sometimes it’s easier to not see Him when things are going great, so I especially pray that you will search for Him even when everything about life seems to be easy without the need to call on Him……

He’s always there, longing for You to share life with Him.

And unlike the customers at the yard sale who passed by the old, Schwin bike, He sees your true worth and paid the greatest price for You……His Only Son.