Though words seem unattainable on this Monday morning, my heart continues to overflow with love for all of you and a feeling of thanksgiving for a God who gives Hope to our lives even when life doesn’t make sense.

My cousin’s son has been visiting with us for the past week from Oklahoma. He is a 19 year-old, college student who is majoring in photography and graphic design; and we have been enjoying SO MUCH having him in our home.

We’ve had a list of all the things we wanted to do and places we wanted to go while he was here, and it’s been fun to check things off the list day by day. Tomorrow, I take him back to my mom’s house and then Thursday I have to tell him good-bye, probably not seeing him again for at least a year.

I can’t help but think of Heaven in an extra-powerful way at times like this-

And how great it will be to never have to say good bye or make a list of things we want to do in short amounts of time with friends and family.


Freedom from to-do lists
Never-ending hellos
No more goodbyes

So, today, I say “Hello Monday,” and embrace it for all it has to offer – trusting that one day I will say “Hello” to Monday and never have to say good bye.

Praying your Monday is filled with reasons to smile,