I had the pleasure of babysitting a sweet little eight-week old baby boy this morning for about an hour and a half.

I had forgotten…

what it looks like to have a bottle in my frig

how tiny babies really are

how dependent they are on us for EVERYTHING

that doing two things at once isn’t as easy when fragile cargo is in your arms

that little babies love to be talked to even though they can only respond with tiny smiles


I wonder how different the church would be if we treated new Christians like infants…

dependent, needing fed, fragile, needing to be talked to

The Bible says that to enter the Kingdom we must become like “little children.”

I think God just adores babies.

Trusting, content, approachable, non-judgmental…

These are just some of my random thoughts after spending some quiet time holding a baby.

Thank you, Father, for speaking through one of your tiny creations who can not yet speak,