I have been computer-less this past week, so I have missed being able to share life with all of you.

I wanted to post a very quick note to let you know that Nick had a great time with his brother Todd and friend Caleb while we were at Myrtle Beach. I am so thankful that we had this opportunity to once again take Nick away from “his problems” and have some fun!

Last night, after we had unpacked from a week-long trip and 10-hour day of driving, I made coffee and ended up on our front porch watching our neighbor’s fireworks display. In the distance, I could see other fireworks going off in all directions. It was beautiful!

It felt good to be back home. There is no place like home, is there?

I am thankful for so much in spite of the uncertainty each day holds……when I find myself becoming overcome with fear, I whisper the verse, “When I am afraid, I will trust in You. In God whose Word I praise. In God I will trust. I will not be afraid. What can mortal man do to me?” Oh, I love this verse so much!

I have a huge writing assignment to do for our county schools, so I will be consumed for the next week or so. I will try to post small comments when I can. Once I get this finished, I am anxious to reconnect in a much more personal way! I love you all so much! For now, I will be thinking of you all……from my front porch!