india and end of april 2009 1808 As I was gathering photos from our trip last April to send to my cousin Tanner so that he could work on the poster for the Faith’s Journey Project, I was struck with the reality of how much I had forgotten about the great need for hope and love in India.

india and end of april 2009 1047 With every click on my computer keyboard, I was haunted by the question, “How much do you love these people, Tammy?  Really????”2009-04-22 1748 resized As I stare into the eyes of this little boy, I find myself asking, “How can an average American make a difference in the life of a people on the other side of the world?”

2009-04-22 1914 resized

Truthfully, at first, I feel overwhelmed by India.

But then I remember how Jesus was able to use one little boy’s lunch to feed thousands, and I feel a stirring inside me. 

A stirring of potential that comes from God and God alone.

This potential lies inside of each of us!!!

So I believe there are several things we can do to make a difference in India!!

First, we can all pray daily that God will bring missionaries into these beautiful people’s lives to teach them about the love of Jesus.

 india and end of april 2009 2114

Then we can choose to support a missionary who is serving in this country. 

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And maybe another way you’ll be led to help is by joining us on Faith’s Journey!

Just think, hundreds of people doing one simple thing-

having a yard sale-

could actually produce enough resources to build a kitchen and dining hall that could meet the needs of over 200 orphans at a time!

india and end of april 2009 592 You can make a difference!!!!!!

More info will be coming soon!

If you’ve already had a yard sale, consider setting part of your profit aside to mail to Mid-India Christian Mission!

Details about how to make a donation to this ministry will be given in an upcoming blog post!

Thank you for all your prayers in the past few days! I’m feeling so much better!

In Him,