2009 cruise pics 0637 As I watched Olivia in the waves……

2009 cruise pics 0652

She laughed………2009 cruise pics 0653

And laughed when the ocean waves washed the sand up over her head time and time again!2009 cruise pics 0612

As I caught this shot of my nephew Ben as he walked by..he’s grown into such a handsome young man……..  2009 cruise pics 0601

As I snapped this picture of my sister and her husband……2009 cruise pics 0594

As I watched all the people playing in the waves……

2009 cruise pics 0631

As I posed for this photo with Tim……2009 cruise pics 0627    As I wondered what Todd and Ben were talking about as they lay in the sun….

2009 cruise pics 0674 Even as this photo was being taken of all of us who spent that particular day on Paradise Island….

I knew deep in my heart that someone was missing.

And I couldn’t resist.

I had to let him know how I felt before I could leave that sandy beach.

2009 cruise pics 0600