todds birthday photos 2010 0068 Seventeen years ago today Todd entered this world and helped begin the healing of our broken hearts after losing Adrienne to SIDS just two years before.

His infant months were very scary for me.  Every time his apnea monitor went off, I would come running.  I remember so clearly the day that I was making cookies and Todd was in his little baby swing.  As I slipped upstairs to put away some laundry, I heard the horrifying “beeping” coming from the living room….I dropped clothes all the way down the stairs to get back down to Todd, only to find that the beeping sound was simply the stove going off to say the cookies were ready.  Todd was just swinging and grinning ear to ear.  I remember sitting down and having a good cry.  My adrenalin level had reached its limit that day.

Lots of years have passed since that season of fear and sadness.

Todd journeyed through Nick’s cancer with us every step of they way.  He still deals with grief and lots of times I’m not sure exactly how to handle his pain.  Nick and Todd were best buddies.  It feels good to just type the names Nick and Todd together, because I referred to them so often as a pair.

We’re proud of Todd.

He spent today at a sports leadership conference in Lexington as a representative from the tennis team, and he started a college class for seniors tonight at KCU. 

Time seems to keep on ticking……….

So for tonight, I just wanted to wish Todd a happy birthday!

Tomorrow I’ll share about the special football field dedication this past Saturday in memory of Nick.  It was more wonderful than I ever dreamed.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared much family news, so here are a few family updates:

Erich and Mallory get married three weeks from Saturday!!!!!!! We’re busy, busy with wedding plans. 🙂

Evan starts his internship tomorrow morning with Grayson Physical Therapy!  You may see him on Tuesdays in different schools in the county. 🙂

Maria finished her masters program!  Go, Maria!!  She is teaching high school Spanish again this year and researching schools for her doctorate program.

Tim’s classes started back up tonight with a night class!  Between church and the college, his days are full.

I’m plugging along at West Middle.  Precious kids.  Rough lives. I think about them all the time and wonder what they are doing outside of school. Praying they are safe and loved.

Thank you for sharing life with me!  I love you all so much!  Post updates on your life ANYTIME by clicking on the words  “precious comments.”  I love to hear from you!