sleepover 0032_resizeMy passion for the people of India is something I could talk about all day long, so I don’t know why I was so nervous this morning as I drove to Carter Caves to share a little about the Indian culture with area 5th – 8th graders.

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Once I arrived and got started I could tell that God took over and brought my thoughts together in some sort of way that I hope made a difference in the life of each child who was listening.sleepover 0031_resize

I just want kids to realize how different life is on the other side of the world for so many children.  I want them to appreciate what God has given them, and I want them to learn to be thankful………..

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   We played a couple of fun games using just one sock, and I think the kids were amazed at how much fun they could have……….I really believe that kids are longing to live simpler lives. 

India may be far, far away in many ways, but right this minute part of India is cuddling with me and sleeping with her arm across my arm………

Knowing how close this country is to my heart compels me to do more.