As I sit here trying to get mentally ready for a day of teaching, my mind and heart are thinking about Olivia at home asleep with a fever. I’m thankful that Tim is able to be with her today, but I can’t help but think about the fact that sickness wasn’t present in the perfect world God created. If Eve could have just said, “No,” to the devil we wouldn’t need doctors, nurses, or hospitals. Why did she eat that piece of fruit? Everytime I ask that question, I come full circle back to me. And I know the truth. The truth is this: I would have eaten it too. I eat it everyday when I choose to grumble, complain, doubt, worry, fear…………………… giving in to the devil’s lies. AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I have to look from God’s perspective and realize that everything the devil means for bad, God turns into good. Without the eating of the fruit there would have been no need for Jesus, no need for the Holy Spirit. Really, the devil thought he was so crafty, but he played right into God’s plan and I believe that even though God was sad that what “had to be” happened, ultimately we will see the WHOLE PICTURE and celebrate God’s wisdom, power, and unsurpassable love for mankind. Yes, Olivia is at home sick. Yes, I am at work. But, I’m leaning on Him today who works for good in everything and waiting to hear a report from the doctor. Thankful for the One who created us and trusting in Him today,