Holding their scripts, the row of second graders prepared for their reader’s theater performance.

One girl, unable to contain her excitement, periodically hopped in place as she grinned ear to ear.


After a short discussion about using strong speaking volume and an expressive voice as they read their lines, I asked the students,

“What else can you do as you read your lines in order to keep the audience interested in the story?”


Several students raised their hands and offered ideas.

“We can make different faces.”

“We can use our hands when we read.”

“We can look at each other.”


And then the smallest boy in the line,

the boy with the softest voice,

raised his hand.

“We could sing our lines,” he said.


I smiled and replied,

“Why, yes you could!”


As the play began, this particular little boy had been assigned the role of “Narrator One” and, sure enough,

he sang every single line throughout the entire play.


Without missing a beat, he carried the story along with perfect pitch and a calm singing voice, captivating all who were listening.

At the end of the play, we cheered for all the actors with a big round of applause as they bowed and grinned.


As I reflect on the fun day I had last week with a class full of second graders,

I am drawn to the memory of this small boy.


As I sit here this morning thinking about God as our “audience,”

I wonder what draws Him into our life stories?


If life were a stage,

what would He long for in our performances?


I have to think that a voice of praise would please Him most in a world filled with violence, anger, fear, and so many other troubling emotions.


Today, as you journey from one place to the next,

try captivating God’s attention by lifting your voice to Him.


Carry your story along, no matter how difficult life may become, with a voice of praise.


He’s watching, and His applause is the only applause we really need.


Psalms 147:1

Praise the LORD! For it is good to

sing praises to our God; For it is

pleasant and praise is becoming.