Fears creep up in me as Olivia doesn’t seem better. She cannot hear out of her left ear. She keeps getting dizzy when she stands up. This morning she didn’t want to return to school, and I stood over the bed whispering, ‘Olivia, you need to try…….” So she got up and went to get ready, but no smile ever crossed her sweet face. Now I am at school and Tim has called to say that after I left, Olivia got sick to her stomach. She’s staying home and I’ve made another appointment. The devil knows where my mind goes with all these symptoms that seem so much like Nick’s. I’m taking Olivia back to the pediatrician this afternoon. Please pray for her. I’m lifting my hands to Him who knows all things and trusting Him. Sometimes saying “thank you” seems difficult, but for today I am thankful……………. for Dr. Cook, for Olivia’s spirit that loves Jesus so much, for Tim – who is handling home life until I can get there, for birds that chirp even when I don’t feel that “chirpy,” for a forecast of thunderstorms that will slow down our after-school schedule, for teachers with grace.

Have a beautiful Monday,