I’ve been called to some hard places in life.

I’m sure you have too.

I could  question, argue, whine, complain, and doubt all day long every day.

I could choose to let this be it.

My destiny could be wrapped up in “She’s lost two children, poor thing.”

But, there’s something about choosing to walk right next to Jesus in your grief that erases all that “poor thingness’ away.

You just can’t walk close to a King and feel poor or pitiful.

So, as I was facing another tough day last Saturday when Maria moved out of our house and left us with yet another empty room,

I knew there had to be significance in the spilling of all these magnetic words from a box I was moving.

Because when you walk close to God He speaks through spills and sunsets, and everything in between.

I snapped a picture and went on with my work, wondering what in the world God would say through this.

photo (31)

As I walked across the room later, after cleaning up everything and getting the room all organized, I noticed a black square on the carpet.

I turned it over, and I was struck by the word on this one little magnet that had remained unseen and unmoved in my clean up earlier.

photo (30)

Who knew two letters could mean so much to me at that very moment?

As I looked at the word, “is,” I couldn’t help but think,

“It is what it is.”

Life is tough.

Life is often hard to understand.

Life hurts.

Life can be confusing.

Life is a series of “hellos” and “goodbyes” and “see you soons.”

Life is what we make it.

So, I kept that “is” out of the box of words and laid it on my desk,

because I didn’t want to forget that moment of being alone in a room that was causing my heart to feel sad and know that God was saying,

It IS okay.

It IS part of my plan.

It IS what you make it.

And so, I’ve thought a lot about the word “is” in the past five days,

and I’ve realized that while life “is” so many different things all rolled into one,

God IS so much more.

Today, if you feel like life IS difficult.

Remember, God IS with you.

He is alive.

He is aware of your struggle.

He is there when no one else is.

He is a good listener.

And on and on and on……….


You may find yourself today feeling very good about all the things that life is……

I HOPE YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But even in those good times, never forget that God IS pursuing you always.

He IS passionate about your soul.

He IS working everyday to bring your closer and closer to Him.

He is relentless.

He is always there for you.

I’m thankful for a spilled box of magnetic letters.

I’m especially thankful that “IS” didn’t make it back into the box!!

The great “I AM” spoke to me through the small word “is.”

I love that about God!!

The Creator of the Universe, who could get our attention every day with majestic fireworks in the sky if He wanted to chooses to speak in small ways.

So, today, be listening, looking, watching, and waiting for Him to show up.

Even if it’s in a tiny word like “is” spilled right out onto your floor.

Look carefully, it may be turned upside down and just waiting for you to notice!

Have a happy Thursday and know that God IS with you!