Poor Snoopy…..He just seems a little “out of place” standing near the pumpkins and very-dried out mums! There’s just something about this time of year that seems about that awkward. Christmas is in the air but Thanksgiving longs to be celebrated for all its worth!

So, as we began our decorating a little early, I had to laugh when I realized we had plopped Snoopy down so near to our remnants of fall!

I wanted to share a few photos from our night of decorating, but I just had to share the one of Snoopy first!

I am subbing this week since mom is here to stay with Nick, so my blog posts are a little shorter!

I will write more this weekend!

Wish I could stop by each of your homes for a cup of coffee! I would love to help all of you put up your lights!

Looking forward to Christmas but savoring the season of Thanksgiving for all its worth!

Thankful for all of you!