May the Lord answer you when you are in trouble;

may the God of Jacob make you secure.

Psalm 20:1

I’m reading a great book right now in which a man, in search of his own faith, leaves his world to literally “walk the Bible.”

When I finish the book, I’ll share more.

For today, I am struck with the verse above because I actually read it in another book I’m reading right now too, yet it flowed beautifully with where I’m at in the Bible and in the author’s journey who is “walking the Bible.”

As I read this verse and saw the words “may the God of Jacob make you secure,” I was taken with the thought that we, modern-day humans, serve the same God Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob served.

We listen for, answer to, and follow the God of the Old Testament who made life with Him possible through His Son of the New Testament.

Like the Israelites, we have been chosen, called out, accepted, and pursued.


And in our accepting of the call,

God offers help when we are trouble.


He offers security.


Burglaries seem to be on a rise in our area, and I just spoke with a friend yesterday about the cost of an alarm system that would alert neighbors if someone entered our home.

It’s scary to think that life has reached a point where homes don’t always feel safe.


But, if you think about it very long, it’s not surprising.

The devil loves insecurity.

He loves to rob us of more than earthly possessions.

He loves to rob us of joy, peace, hope…..

all the things God offers freely.


Today, I’m praying that God will instill inside of me a security alarm that will alert me to moments when I allow Satan to “break and enter” my heart and mind with thoughts of doubt and insecurity.

I want to react immediately to these thoughts, “taking them captive and making them obedient to Christ.”


This world isn’t going to get any easier to live in, I’m afraid.


So, the choice is ours.


Do we allow the thief easy access, or do we protect ourselves with the same security system Jacob had……

the God of Heaven and Earth?


I’m choosing today to claim the same power over trouble that these great men of faith had over theirs.

I hope you will too.


Find security in Him and Him alone.

Set your alarms today…….

and don’t fear the devil’s attacks.


“Greater is He that is in you than He that is in this world!”