Yesterday, Olivia and I attended Northeast Christian Church with my friend, Vicki, and her daughter.
Her son is on staff with this congregation as the teen worship minister.
We had an amazing time and the sermon and worship service were amazing!
If you live in the Louisville area and you are looking for a church, consider visiting Northeast soon!
After the morning service, Olivia and I left for her runway practice, leaving Vicki and Raegan to spend the afternoon with Corbin and Missy.
Having never traveled from this particular location to Olivia’s practice, we had to travel on several unfamiliar interstates and side roads.
As we left the church parking lot, I turned on my GPS and watched for the pink line I have become so use to trusting over the past few years.
All I knew as we began this journey was where I was at the moment and where I needed to arrive in the next hour.
It occurred to me as I watched for the next bit of instructions that life is so much like an unfamiliar trip.
All we really know each morning is where we’re starting.
Our final destination, as Christians, is of course eternity with God;
but along the way we aren’t promised more than enough information to get us to the next hour, the next day, the next month.
I’m a planner.
I like to know how things are going to look way down the road,
but life isn’t always that clear.
Putting our faith COMPLETELY in God often means trusting Him with the next bit of instructions.
Just enough information to get us to the next exit, the next turn, the next decision.
Along the way, we may encounter blocked roads (like I did yesterday), and our direction will suddenly change.
When this happens, our trip is recalculated from a new starting point.
But if we keep trusting in God (a GPS that is must more reliable than any man-made device), we can know with full confidence that He is leading us in the right direction.
He knows the way we need to go.
When we follow Him, though, it’s important to remember He often only offers enough light for the next step.
Following God, like following a GPS, requires a level of faith in Someone who can see our whole road of life before we can.
Faith is all about traveling these unknown roads with the confidence that comes from knowing we do not travel them alone.
Psalm 119:105 says,
“Your word is a lamp unto my feet 

and a light unto my path.”

Today, if you’re not sure what’s next for you, open your Bible.

Let God be your GPS and trust Him to provide just enough 

direction to get you to your next exit, your next turn, your next step.

And if you’ve been following Him and feel like you’ve reached a dead end, give Him time to

recalculate your journey.

He has a plan.

No matter what you’re facing today, trust Him.

He knows where He’s leading you………………………and it’s always closer to Him.