I love how Solomon speaks so eloquently in I Kings as he dedicates the new temple that was built under his leadership.

I love how he goes back in history and shares about how God had kept His promise to his father David when He said, “I have chosen Jerusalem as the place for my name to be honoered, and I have chosen David to be king over my people Israel.”  God had gone on to say, “One of your own sons will build the temple to honor me.”

I wonder what it felt like to be “that son” and to stand with all the Israelites listening to your words as they witnessed the beauty and the splendor of an unmovable temple after years and years of carrying God’s presence around in an ark covered by a tent?

Scriptures say a “thick cloud filled the Temple of the Lord” and that “the priests could not continue their service because of the cloud, for the glorious presence of the Lord filled the Temple of God.”


I am sure there were all kinds of emotions in Jerusalem that day – excitement, fear, reverence, awe, joy, peace – I am sure there were also skeptics in the area thinking the whole event was somehow silly.

No matter what people were thinking, God was there!  He had kept His word!

And He still keeps it today!

He promises to never leave us or forsake us; and yesterday, He proved that to me in so many ways!

Yesterday was Nick’s 17th birthday.

I found tears filling my eyes from time to time throughout the day as I reminisced on sweet memories with my brown-eyed baby boy; but God showed up again and again through messages from friends and family just saying, “Thinking of you today,” and “Happy birthday, Nick!”

I worked yesterday morning at school and then painted Todd’s bedroom in the afternoon, so I stayed busy doing what needed to be done next.

I do better when I keep on keeping on!!

Today, I’m packing for Olivia’s 8th grade trip to Washington, DC.

We leave this evening.

And I promised my students that if I went on any trips this summer, Susan (my tired-teacher desk figurine) would go along with me on the adventure!

So, I’m keeping my word and I’m getting Susan ready for our big trip!

Tim said she needed a suitcase, and I found her a perfect one!  A Smarties suitcase!  Traveling always makes us smarter, doesn’t it?!?!

susans adventures 0020002

I think Susan needs some education outside of her stack of books, though!

She was so excited to see the Statue of Liberty, and I had to explain that it is located in New York City.

susans adventures 0030003

Then she got excited about seeing the Liberty Bell, and I had to help her understand why it is in Philadelphia – not in our nation’s capitol!

susans adventures 0040004

Oh goodness, this may be a long three days, but I’ll share all the things Susan learns when I get home!

Have a wonderful rest of your week and a Happy Memorial Day weekend!!

Until Sunday,