When I started blogging, I was kind-of a “closet blogger.”

In some ways, I still am.

I don’t talk to my friends about my blog. I don’t advertise on my blog.

And honestly, I feel blogger-envy when I visit many of your blogs because I just can’t measure up. I don’t know how to change my sidebar. I would love to update that info with many of your blog names. I would love to add links to other sites I enjoy.

But, for now, simply adding my thoughts as often as I can is about all I am up for.

Well, today I learned something about myself. Something I sort-of already knew but was hit right in the face with the depth of its truth today. Although I write as a “closet blogger,” I care about all of you who “enter my closet” so very much that what you say or think about my feelings really matters to me! Maybe more than it should.

I am not a confrontational person. I do not like dissension. I don’t like to ruffle feathers or cause other people to be upset with me. I am generally a people-pleaser.

So this morning, as I posted a little off of my normal subject area (my family), I talked a little-a very little-about my feelings concerning the election results and how we must look to God as our answer not to man……

ANYWAY……………as I read my comments on that post, I discovered that I had disappointed one of you, and I felt HORRIBLE.

Honestly, it was time to leave to go pick Olivia up from school and I felt sick. I wanted to call whoever it was and talk to you. I wanted to say I was sorry and have a nice talk, because believe me, I do not blog for any other reason than to share my heart and bring glory to God through the power of His Word.

I am praying for our new president. I am praying for our country and for the world.

I learned today that my skin is very thin. I deleted the entire post (in case you were here earlier and now see that it is missing).

It wasn’t that the comment was unkind. It was actually very nice. But the thought that anything I wrote would disappoint someone made me sad. I am sorry.

Humbled to Share My Closet With You,