Isaiah 42
16 I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them.

Well, it’s just two hours until we pull out of Grayson, Kentucky, onto an adventure that I never thought we’d be taking.

I’ve heard so much about how we won’t believe the sights, smells, crowds, living conditions, etc., when we step out of the airport in New Delhi.

I’ve heard so much about how the train ride we will have to take is like nothing else we’ve ever experienced (11 hours with a first-class bathroom that is only a hole in the floor with the train tracks running underneath).

I’ve heard so much about how hot it will be when we arrive there (100 degrees or hotter).

But my mind can’t grasp any of it yet.

I’m sitting in a quiet kitchen with just about anything I need at my fingertips.

I feel clean. I feel safe. And I’m not going to lie…….

I feel nervous.

Leaving our sweet dogs (thank you, Jennie), all of our friends, our family to go somewhere so unfamiliar is scary. Imagining the plane taking off for a flight across the ocean causes my chest to cave in.

But then I think of Vivek and Angie, the Pembertons, the Brants, and so many more who have done this for a lifetime! WOW!

And I think of Jesus, leaving the glory of Heaven not just for 10 days but for 33 years! WOW!

Surely I can do this. Surely I can trust Him to do just what He says……

turn the darkness into light before us…….

make the rough places smooth…….

Thank you, Lord, for going before us. You are already in India. You have a plan. Help us to lean on You for our every need. Send us reminders of your faithfulness and simple signs that Nick and Adrienne are cheering us on as we try to learn new ways to bring people closer to You.

I received this sweet email yesterday from a dear friend of mine: I wanted to share her wonderful words:

Good Morning, Sweet Tammy,

It is 4:30 am and it is raining….and, I am up. Not partially up, not slightly up, I am totally up as if it is 6am when I normally get up…maybe it was the bath I took last night which made me sleep so well, maybe it was the rain pattering on the roof of my home…OR, maybe I am supposed to go read my facebook messages…OR, maybe I am up to pray….

So, I go to my computer and look at fb…no new messages since 11pm…imagine that…

No new email messages…

the dog does not need letting out…

no child is up sick…

Hubby is not awake wanting attention (Had to throw that in for a good laugh) Wink:;)

So…I am thinking that God wanted me to pray….

Pray for what…???

I turn to my favorite blog…”Tammy Nischan” “My heart, His words”…..ahhhhh….lovely ladies… their scarves…

Tammy is taking a trip…pray for her…that is what God is telling me to do…whispering in my ear….

“Dear Heavenly Father…one who loves travel so much you came from heaven to earth…from nothing to something…..from dusk to dawn…from the ocean to the prairie…..
God, my friend Tammy and her family are headed on a journey you have mapped out long before any of them were even born….you knew the steps they would take which would bring them to this day.
You would know how Tim and Tammy would be born…meet…marry….have children.
Lord, you not only know each major step in their lives, but you also know each small step
You know what excites them…you know what draws fear in them
Lord…you especially know what challenges them..
You know about Tammy’s fear of flying….give her peace
You know the snafus which their family will run in to on this trip….please clear their paths
You know the life changing experiences they will face….draw them close
You know their heartaches for Nick and Adrianne….please soothe them
You know the exciting people they will meet….bring them on…
You know the physical challenges they will face….protect them

In fact, God, you are such the perfect travel planner….we just ask that you start this moment, at 5:12am and bless every single step they take, every single piece of luggage (help them pack just the right things)….from the top of their heads to the bottom of their feet, bless them Lord…protect them Lord…keep them safe…help them focus…challenge their sight…let their hands be your hands…let their ears hear what you want them to hear…let their hearts be your hearts and their words be your words…

Let this be an adventure of such proportions that the KNOW you are God and you are with them….in every moment they are there.

Please Lord…give them travel mercies…safety from here to there…pick up their plane in your hands…take it heavenward…fill their souls with peace and land them there and then back home again..

Lord…we love you….

Lord…we love you so much…

Lord…we need you

Lord…we are grateful that you planned this trip…you, the ultimate trip planner…

Use this family for your Glory…

Let your spirit fill them so that like Moses, they glow from having been in your presence…

And, Lord, please bring them safely home…

In your Son, Jesus’ precious and Holy Name,


I love you.

Thank you, Lesa, for blessing my morning.

Thank you to all of you who are praying for us. I will be praying for all of you as I travel…….I promise!!

Until Next Time,