Today is Olivia’s 14th birthday!

I’ll never forget the day pictures arrived in the mail of Olivia’s little face.

We had 6 days to say “yes” or “no.”

The minute her eyes made contact with mine, I fell in love with this little girl on the other side of the world.


Sitting in an orphanage, her background a stack of books documenting so many others who need homes………….

I remember thinking that it looked as if she were trying to hand us her toy in exchange for our love.

I’m so thankful we said, “yes.”

Olivia blesses our life every day.

Her humor, passion for God, love for animals……….

She brings joy to the walls of our home…..a home that has felt a lot of sorrow.

Happy birthday, Olivia!!!!!!!!!

olivia 011

The mixed emotions swell up, though, as I think of the fun we are going to have today.

Fourteen girls will be coming to stay all night……my friend, Kim, is going to give them basic cake- decorating lessons.

I know the night will be filled with laughter.

But, I know that so many I love aren’t laughing as much today.

Martha’s anxiety continues to rise as her trip to MD Anderson approaches quickly. Her appointment is Wednesday in Houston. Please keep her in your prayers.

Charlotte’s treatments continue, and on such a tiny body chemo can be so harsh. Please lift up Charlotte and her family as they walk this road of leukemia.

My brother and his wife are experiencing a heartbreaking weekend. Yesterday, they learned that she is having a miscarriage. I have cried so many tears for them since hearing this news.

I don’t understand a world with such happy and sad times rolled into one.

I remind myself that for now the devil has some power to steal, kill, and destroy……..

but this power is temporary.

I remind myself that his goal is our pain, our destruction, our doubting of a God who loves us,

but this goal will never be reached if we cling to God through the happy and the sad.

I remind myself that even Jesus says, ‘In this world you will have trouble,”

but He goes on to say, “I have overcome the world!”

Today, my heart churns with thankfulness, joy, sorrow, and many questions.

I am so glad the Bible contains the words,

“Cast every care upon Him.”

and then goes on to tell why we should do this…………

“Because He cares for us.”

Today, if you feel burdened, confused, sad, or worried,

tell God about it.

I promise He is listening.

And He cares.