Seeing this precious village woman holding the brochure for Nick’s foundation seems like the only fitting way to begin this journey with you.

After all, Nick is the reason we journeyed to the other side of the world……..

To somehow take our pain and use it for God’s glory……..

To somehow take Nick’s love and share it with people who long to know the one and only God of Creation……..

I have so much to share. I personally took over 2000 photographs, and honestly each one of them has a story of its own. So as the Lord leads, I will post a photo and the thoughts God puts on my heart.

I’ve missed you all more than words can express. I thought of you daily as we journeyed by airplane, train, camel, elephant, jeep, taxi……….

But for this morning, as I try to unpack, do laundry, sort through piles of mail, and simply come to grips with a new world view, I had to share this photo………….

This photo of why we went to India.

Nick, we love you. You were with us in so many ways…………

Father, we love you even more. Your presence gave us strength when it seemed there was none left.

Until next time…..which may be in only a few hours!

My love and blessings are sent to each of you in a very special way today,