Something happened last Thursday………

A revelation of sorts in my heart.

I’ve been working on a retreat that is coming up in a couple of weeks where I am speaking on authentic relationships with God and with our friends.

Struggling at times with the right words, the right stories, the right direction, I’ve found myself second-guessing so many things that have happened in my life.

Thursday, my eyes had reached their limit. I couldn’t look at a computer screen anymore. I asked God to please show up while I was cleaning……………

And He did.

As I swept the kitchen floor, a song came on that I had never heard before. I felt as if God had just played my life story through music.

And I believe He played your life story too.

I’ve listened to the song at least 40 times since then.

I’ll share it with you soon, but I’m still processing all that it means to me, and I’m thankful for this time to soak it in.

So, this morning as I transition from a busy weekend of kids at home, and friends stopping by to have gnome pictures taken (I’ll share that on another day, too! If we’re Facebook friends, you already know what I’m talking about) and a Super Bowl party at our house last night, I’m diving back into my study.

But before I could begin, I thought of all of you and thought of what every day should begin with……… a time of thanks.

And I headed to my living room to share another room of thanksgiving with you.

Thank you, first, for sharing life with me. Won’t Heaven be great when all of our praise and thanks will be going straight to His throne without ceasing?!?!??!!

th 004_resize

I love company…….Thank you, Lord, for friends, family, and neighbors… 005_resizeAfrica, India, Russia, Mexico, India, Amish country…….God you are everywhere……Thank you for souvenirs to remind 007_resize

Grandma’s oil lamp…..As I cooked lunch yesterday, I thought of all the meals her hands prepared for Grandpa, for us, for friends…Thank you for her never-ending inspiration. She burns deep within 029_resize Men on the moon…..Who would have ever dreamed it possible? Thank you for the memory Tim’s parents kept safe in their boxes of memories and then shared with us to share with our kids…Thank you for men and women who risk their lives to do unheard of things for mankind….help me be willing to take “one small step” towards whatever You desire from 006_resize

Joy……..Thank you for bringing it through even small 008_resize th 009_resize

Cards from fellow teachers sharing messages of love and arriving on just the right day!th 010_resize

Photographs that can never be taken again…….thank 011_resize Little boy memories…….thank you!th 014_resize

Faith……lost without it, living by it, thankful for it. th 012_resize

Ziggy…….a high school graduation gift that has somehow survived for 28 years!!!!!!!! Thank you. He makes me smile. I’ve always loved Ziggy! I’m not sure why!th 015_resize

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh……..Thank you for the reminder. th 016_resize

Yes it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

th 017_resize

Olivia’s friends……….thank you!

th 018_resize

Joyce Meyer’s first novel! I especially love the title!! The Penny! th 019_resize

Gifts from Nick’s funeral that remind me of the love that surrounds us. th 020_resize

A plant that keeps growing….reminding me of how long it’s been since I touched Nick….but reminding me that life continues..even for Nick! th 021_resize

It really is a wonderful life! Mostly because it’s followed by something more wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!th 022_resize

Only God gives the ability to do this when life is tough. Thank you for the gift of laughter! th 023_resize

Too many to count. Thank you!

th 024_resize

Yes, Kandi, I saw you watching me snap photos! I’m thankful for you, too! th 025_resize

Beth Moore!!! The book of Revelation! Christine for sharing with me!! Thank you for all three!th 026_resize

In my kitchen but seen from the living room! Thank you for this moment! th 027_resize

A verse I have clung to for years! Thank you! th 028_resize A gift from mom when all five kids were small and life seemed too crazy….the words got me through many stressful days. Thank you!

So, today, as you venture into yet another week of life here on earth, I hope you’ll take time to look around and count your blessings! They are everywhere you look!

So much love from me to you,