Isn’t it amazing how God can take what could easily be a very sad day and transform into a very special day.

Believe was a choice I had to make without almost every breath…to not miss Nick being in the midst of all of the commotion here. He just loved when our house was full of people laughing, visiting, sharing life.

But I knew deep inside that he was here…….loving me through the day by sending person after person to fill my day with hugs and special moments.

I was greeted after my shower by Todd and Erich waiting outside the bathroom door to “shoot” me with a confetti gun!!!

Then as I left for church I discovered two beautiful “heavenly bamboo” plants sitting in our driveway with a card from a lady who lives in Grayson..wishing me a happy day and offering the plants in honor of Nick and Adrienne.

Our worship service centered around Mary, the mother of Jesus, and brought Tim and me both to tears as the sermon ended with “Mary, Did You Know?” Makes me think of every mommy holding little ones, raising toddlers, even juggling busy schedules with school-aged children…”Do you know…the plans God has for your children?” None of us truly knows, do we?

But I do know this..God has plans for each of them. Beautiful plans.

2009-05-011 0050 resizedAfter church, I was honored to have my picture taken with Mrs. Edith Strother….This precious lady is 94 and looks and acts sooooo much younger! She had all of my boys in the nursery.and when I was pregnant with Nick, she asked me what his name would be. I said, “Nicholas Yancy.” I’ll never forget her response which at the time seemed so prophetic. She took my arm and said, “How historic!” I remember thinking, “I’ll never forget that.” And I didn’t! Mrs. Strother may have known more than we’ll ever know. As a matter of fact, our last picture of Nick was taken with Mrs. Strother and her husband when they came to see him in late October. I love you, Mrs. Strother! Happy Mother’s Day!!

We had two families and college students come over for lunch, Our kitchen was full of talking and laughing. 2009-05-011 0060 resized We spent the afternoon visiting and then working in the yard. Olivia and I even did a little “dumpster diving” since the college kids had all moved out of the dorm!! She found some great treasures! Yes, we have a little “redneck” in us!!2009-05-011 0064 resized2009-05-011 0074 resized

I thought I’d just share a few photos from our weekend…2009-05-011 0087 resized Scrabble Fun..2009-05-011 0040 resizedDinner on Saturday night.. 2009-05-011 0033 resized Maria and Mallory.2009-05-011 0035 resized Matt, Brett, and Tim..2009-05-011 0082 resized Robert, Michael, Andrew, Erich, and Katelyn

2009-05-011 0081 resized Katelyn brought me flowers from Pam in Lexington! Thank you, Pam!!

2009-05-011 0080 resized Jon and Brandon.two of Nick’s buddies spent part of the day with me. Thank you, sweet boys, for loving me and remembering Nick!

2009-05-011 0046 resized Erich and Mallory..2009-05-011 0076 resized Jon helps me plant my heavenly bamboo.

2009-05-011 0069 resized Mallory and Maria exchanging cell phone numbers before Mallory leaves for Nashville. We miss you, Mallory!

2009-05-011 0067 resized

Evan, Maria, Mallory, and Erich….

2009-05-011 0059 resized Me and Olivia with my Mother’s Day gift from her..A Sno-Cone Machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-05-011 0031 resized Our driveway on Saturday night!! Tim had lots of help putting together a new basketball hoop!!!

2009-05-011 0066 resized Nick didn’t want me feeling lonely on Mother’s Day…This is just some of the kids I spent the day with! Evan, Maria, Mallory, Erich, Jon, Derek, Todd, and Olivia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thankful for a Father who knows just what I need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!