As I was reading in II Chronicles last night, a short little verse really caught my attention.

II Chronicles 25:2 it says, “Amaziah did what was pleasing in the LORD’s sight, but not wholeheartedly.”

When I sit and read about a person who (for either good or bad reasons) “made” it into the Scriptures as part of our Christian heritage, I am always intrigued about how they are remembered.

Were they someone who did evil in the Lord’s sight?

Were they considered someone after God’s own heart?

Were they faithful even when not able to understand why they were suffering?

Were they willing to “go” even when they didn’t know where to go?

Amaziah made the Book.

He did what was pleasing in the LORD’s sight.


not wholeheartedly.


Wouldn’t it be sad to get to the end of your life and hear those words?

You did what was pleasing.  But not wholeheartedly.

Do my heart and my actions show that I am sold out, committed, passionate, awestruck for and by God?

My Creator. 

My Redeemer.

My Provider.

My Shelter. 

My Lord.

If I am really honest, I have to answer that question with, “Not always.”

I hate when I get to the end of a day and I’ve not been every aspect of my being.  Either with my words.  My actions.  My thoughts. 

How do we become wholeheartedly His?

That’s what I’m striving for today and tomorrow and the next day.

A life that bears His inscription not only my heart but also in every single thing I say and do.

Do I have a long ways to go?  Yes.

Am I willing to confess that I am trying and I want my friends to hold me accountable?  Yes.

I know perfection is something we will never attain while on this planet..but if I am not striving with all of my heart than I am not truly pressing on towards the prize like a runner who wants to complete a race victoriously.  Committed runners start a race wholeheartedly and they stick with it until they cross the finish line…..sweat, tears, tumbles, roadblocks….nothing holds them back.  That’s how I want to live for God. 

I hope your day is a day that is not just pleasing in the LORD’s sight but also that shows you are His….


I love you all,