birthday and sleepover 153birthday and sleepover 161

Olivia couldn’t wait to give me my birthday present that she had bought on a little summer field trip with her school a few weeks ago.  birthday and sleepover 162  

I couldn’t believe it when I opened the little box.  I was expecting a bracelet or something with some type of Kentucky charms on it.  She had been to the state capitol.

birthday and sleepover 164  But look what she found for me!!! 

The biggest penny I’ve ever seen or held!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!birthday and sleepover 165 Thank you, Olivia!  It is definitely the coolest present ever!

birthday and sleepover 174

Todd made me a funny card and is showing it to my mom!  My kids still have fun making us cards!  Of course we never know what they are going to say any more….Thank you, Todd!!

birthday and sleepover 171

birthday and sleepover 172 Above is my card from Evan.  Thank you, Evan!!

Erich managed to pop in for a few minutes that evening between different parts of his job at KCU, but I didn’t get his picture.  🙁

birthday and sleepover 152  So I’ll add my kiss from my nephew Phillip. 

Somehow God keeps me going.  With special gifts, funny homemade cards, and little-kid kisses, but I still miss Nick so much.IMG_2785 

This is Nick last year on my birthday.  He frosted my cake. 

Goodness, I miss him more every day.

Thankful that one day I will be with all of my kids for eternity. 

Just praying daily that Erich, Evan, Todd, and Olivia will continue to grow stronger and stronger in their faith.