Thankful to share that I finally figured out how to add a play list of full-length David Nevue piano music to this blog!! Yeah!!

Thankful to say that I cooked spaghetti and used the bread machine……..and actually made a successful loaf of bread!!

Thankful to say that I did get three loads of laundry done……..still working on putting it away!

Thankful that my son and I had a talk, and I think things are going to be better between us. Grief has a way of pulling people apart and leaving hurt relationships in the rubble.

Thankful to say that I was able to get a little writing done.

Thankful for a warm house on a cold night.

Thinking of those who may not be so warm and asking God to place within me a creative way to make a difference to those who have no heat.

Please read the comments posted on the blog about “giving” for information on helping Violeta in Romania. 🙂