My two oldest sons (third from the left and second from the right) were part of a team that recently traveled from Grayson, KY, to Del Rio, Texas and then on into Mexico for a week-long mission trip. It was Erich’s 6th or 7th trip here and Todd’s first!
When this crew left our small town, their plan was to place tile on a church floor.
They did what they went to do, but they also did something else! They became a family! They grew closer to God! They discovered how blessed we are in America. They learned that sharing God’s love doesn’t always have to happen in a church service.
I remember the first time we sent Erich off on a mission trip. I was terrified! I worried about his safety daily. Six years later, I can honestly admit that I say a lot more prayers of “thanksgiving” for my son’s experiences than I do prayers of “fear.”
Someday, I am going to hop in that van and head to Mexico too! But for now, I will be thankful that I have children who have a desire to go, and I will do what I can to keep them living life….
On a mission!!!