We’ve all heard the saying, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Wow! Today at my yard sale, I watched this saying come to life in an entirely different way. Several times throughout the day, I found myself brought to tears. Yes, that’s right. I cried at my yard sale.

See, there’s something about having Casting Crowns playing in the background of a group people I do not know and realizing that God is right there in the midst of my chaotic driveway!

And then to meet people who within minutes are sharing their life struggles in such vivid ways-everything from divorce to cancer to miscarriages…my heart was aching and being led to prayer time after time. How God opened the doors was amazing!

At one point a young, rough-looking man picked up a biker-style bandana that had been given to Nick during his chemo treatments. As I watched him walk around with it, I was thinking, “That will look nice on him. It is just his style.” And I smiled to myself as I thought about how amazing it was that even at my yard sale there would be something this man might want. When he and his wife came to pay for the items, he suddenly said, “I don’t think I’ll get this,” and he went to put it down. But as he did, I heard him say under his breath, “I thought I might get this for my uncle who is going through chemo.” Oh my. I grabbed his arm and through my tears said, “Please take it.” From there we were able to talk about cancer for a while, and I told him I would pray for his uncle.

Later, a woman came looking for a couch. As she stood there with me she began to share about her family’s financial problems, and I quickly realized this lady was hurting. I was able to tell her about a “free store” the college has where my husband works, and again I told her I would pray for her.

In the afternoon, an elderly lady came who had heard me speak this week. She began sharing about how in her early life she had lost several babies and couldn’t understand what God was doing. One day she received a call asking her if she wanted to adopt a little baby boy whose mom could not take care of him. She said, “Then I knew what God was doing.”

Wow! What a day! As I reflect on these stories and so many more, I realize that “one man’s junk” is actually what life gives us so many times………..and “one man’s treasure” is what God gave us on the cross!

Oh, to be able to sit with each of these people again and really talk about the hope that comes from God and God alone!

I guess my heartfelt prayer tonight is that each of us will make the most of every opportunity to share His love with a hurting world………and trust me, we live in a hurting world! Have a yard sale, turn on some Christian music, and listen to the hearts of your shoppers!