Some mornings my mind is spinning with things I want to say, but at the very same time, the hands on the clock seem to be spinning too…….

Closer and closer to the moment when I need to head out the door to school.

This morning is one of those mornings.

I pushed snooze too many times.

I couldn’t find the shirt I like to wear under my FCA t-shirt.

Those little things that make minutes disappear too quickly.

As I was blow-drying my hair, though, I thought of all of you.  I always do.

I thought of how you strengthen me.  I thought of how you are like a cloud of earthly witnesses to me and how I hope that in some small way I give back to you in return for how you give to me with your prayers and love.

And I had to step out of my “morning hustle” and simply take a minute to say,

“Good morning, and I love you!”

Have a happy Thursday!