Yesterday right after writing my blog post, I checked my email and learned that dear friends of ours from church were at the hospital with their three-year old son who had fallen. His head injury was severe enough that they were going to be taking him by helicopter to Columbus Children’s Hospital. So I called Tim and we headed straight to King’s Daughters. Fortunately, our friend Martha works in the ER and was able to get us up to him a “back way” allowing Tim to pray with them right before Jonah was placed on the little stretcher and taken away from Kevin and Abby.

Brenda and Linda (two of my precious friends) were planning to drive to Columbus later in the day, so I headed home and met Jonathon to quickly run to Olive Hill and pick up all of our Nick Nooks!!! (I’ll write about those tomorrow).

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Then we set out for our trip to Columbus with a Basket of Hope and WalMart supplies Brenda got on the way.

I just learned that Jonah’s condition may still require surgery (we were hoping last night that it might not).

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He has another catscan tonight at 7 p.m. to see if the blood pocket is beginning to absorb into the far it is not changing.

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Please pray for Kevin, Abby, and Jonah as they wait today.

I wanted to share some sweet pictures of Jonah and his family.

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One special part of the trip for me was getting to see Dr. Kosnik (Nick’s brain surgeon is Jonah’s doctor). Thank you, Tim, for making those difficult phone calls to help that happen.

What a special, tough, emotional, wonderful, rewarding day…Thank you, Lord, for being our Provider, Comforter, Sustainer….our Everything! Thank you for allowing my first Basket of Hope delivery be to not only a dear, dear friend but also to a patient of Nick’s precious doctor! For those reasons, I am thankful.

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