It’s January, and if you have kids or if you are a teacher (smiles), you know rain isn’t what you hope to see falling from the sky this time of year.

Yesterday sounded like monsoon season outside as we sat in Sunday school and then as we spent our Sunday afternoon doing are normal Sunday afternoon activities (napping, reading, watching football).


Monday is upon us with no signs of snow in the forecast,


January ticks on as a rainy, somewhat warm month.


Winter seems to be passing us by disguised as spring.


Deep inside I know we should be thankful.


Lower electric bills.

Easier travel.

No need for gloves or scarves.

Longer summer break.


But, there’s just something about a winter wonderland I love.

I love the peaceful feeling of branches draped in white.

I love the muffled sounds after a fresh-fallen snow.

I love watching the early morning news  to see if Carter County is listed as “closed.”

I think I will still love this when I am 85 and have no connections to the school calendar.

I just love snow days!


I have no idea why I am writing all of this except to say that sometimes in life it rains in our Januarys even when we want snow,

and we just have to press on in rain boots instead of snow boots and with umbrellas instead of big, fluffy coats.



Life is all about pressing on.


In the…….






Today, I’m praying that no matter what kind of weather you’re facing in life, you’ll find some beauty in it.

And you’ll be reminded that you are not alone…..

in the rain, in the sleet, in the snow……

or even in the sunshine (if you happen to live in a sunny-January-kind-of place).


One thing I did notice the other day while walking in the rain was that puddles form in low places,

which in and of itself doesn’t seem like anything earth-shattering;

however, it struck me the other day that in life, water travels to the lowest places.


This reminded me that Jesus, our Living Water,

does too.

He is with us………in our lowest places.


He fills up our valleys with Him.


And maybe for today on this rainy Monday someone needs to know that.


If you find yourself filling low today,

know that Jesus is there.


He creates a puddle of love to fill up every part of your valley.


Soak Him up today.

Whether it’s through sunshine, snow, or rain.


Happy Monday from rainy Kentucky!