If you interviewed any of my relatives you would discover that I am not a great card sender, I am not a great deliverer of school pictures, I am generally filled with more “I’m sorrys” than “Be sure to check your mail!”………………………..

Life seems to burst with “things to do,” keeping me from the “things I want to do,” so today as I realize that it is Wednesday and I have once again forgotten to share blessings on Monday I thought of the old saying,

“Better late than never!”

As I reflect on reasons I am thankful as I sit at my desk during a short little break, I want to say,

“Thank you, Lord, for……………

birds chirping outside my classroom window,

the breeze blowing through my room rustling papers and reminding me that your Spirit moves even here,

teachers talking in the hall, laughing and sharing life,

pictures on my computer of my children…………….all busy with their own lives today yet covered in Your love,

my Jesus Calling book right beside my left hand-my own only way to start the day,

my sweet student who just leaned in to see if I remembered to buy a fan-of course I forgot-so now I am thankful for mercy and for tomorrow!!!

all of you who stop by to read and how your presence in my life brings a fullness I couldn’t live without!

a Savior who promises that no matter what today holds He is there to hold it with me!”

Yes, it’s Wednesday, but I am just as thankful as I was on Monday, and I had to take a minute to share!