As I checked my emails tonight, I was floored to receive a very harsh scolding from a lady I have never met who was basically saying that I needed to realize that their are many people whose lives are worse than mine.

The email was very long and very painful to read. My heart feels so ripped apart and yet I am trying to glean from her words something good…..something that will help me grow in my walk with the Lord.

She referred to me as “arrogant” because I had mentioned in my last email prayer journal entry that last night I left in the middle of church because I just couldn’t handle trivial conversations.

I didn’t leave angry. I left with a friend who is going through a divorce to have a cup of coffee. Her life is tough too, and we both needed some talking time.

But I am aching that ANYONE on this planet would consider me arrogant or as she said “superior” in my suffering. Oh, that hurts.

From this painful email, I am trying to find a lesson.

I know that there are many with much more difficult situations. When I know of them, I pray for them. I know that I am not the first to walk the road I am walking. I feel horrible that I could have portrayed anything less.

I am writing this blog to ask for forgiveness if I have ever caused anyone to feel that I am in any way “arrogant” in my family’s suffering.

With humility and love,