This is me and my friend, Melissa. We have decided, along with another girlfriend, to raise a garden this summer!!! Yes, that’s right! We are planting squash, broccoli, corn, beans, and who knows what else!
This whole idea came up when we were talking about nutrition, and I was overwhelmed about Nick’s health. One thing led to another and before we knew it, we had decided to become “farm girls!”
The great part is that all three of us are not only trying to be good moms, we are all trying to cope with the life in way that glorifies God. See, in 1992 when I lost my daughter to SIDS, one of these girls was losing a baby to a rare form of cancer that had formed inside of her uterus, and I did not even know her yet. At the same time, my other friend was going through a very tough marriage situation which ended in divorce. Since then, I have been in a battle with my son against cancer, one of these girls has lost her mom and brother with in a month of each other and the other is now going through a divorce as well.
Life is tough.
But, we are committed to God!!!!
Psalm 125 says, 1 Those who trust in the LORD are like Mount Zion. It cannot be shaken; it remains forever.
So that’s what we do. We trust in the Lord. In spite of life’s struggles, we will not be shaken. So, what do we do while going through hard times?
We trust. We pray. We laugh. We share life. We help each other. And now, we plant a garden!