One of these shoes is my sister’s…cy and mauras wedding 04-18-2010 0214 resized

The other shoe is mine.

These shoes say a lot about who we are.

My sister has always been a risk taker… adventurer…she moved to Florida right out of college, she’s been white water rafting several times, she works in a newborn intensive care unit as a nurse and deals with tough stuff every day.

She can walk in high heels with great ease.

I can’t.

I’ve always been afraid of change.  I’ve been a worrier by nature since I was a little girl.  I tend to play it safe in life.

I wear flats and this allows me to walk without being afraid of falling.

As Brenda and I sat together at the wedding, we laughed at the difference in our shoes..we had to take a picture!  It was so “us.”

cy and mauras wedding 04-18-2010 0634 resized

It use to really bother me that my sister and I were so different, but the truth is Brenda is Brenda and I am Tammy.  We are sisters on totally different roads and that’s okay.  We love each other and that’s all that matters.

I can honestly say that somehow God has freed me from whatever held me back as a child.  I’m not afraid of much anymore.  Change has become my new “normal.”  Taking risks is something I am learning to do more and more every day. 

Yes, I still wear flats.

But I’m thankful to have a sister who is daring enough to wear heels!  She inspires me.

And I’m thankful for a God who can take a nervous, insecure little girl and help her become so much more.

Are there people in your life that you wish you could be more like?  Are there things about you that you wish were different?

Take these longings to God.  I’ll bet you’ll discover that God made you just the way you are for a reason AND that He longs to use your strengths and weaknesses to help others know Him and mauras wedding 04-18-2010 1054 resized

Still learning to walk this road of life for His glory  …even if I’m walking in flats,