icy roadsThis time of year can be so beautiful (if you can stay inside and just look out at window!)

But when one son is driving to South Carolina for a conference and another son is driving to Nashville to see his “bride – to- be” for Valentine’s Day and for a job interview (thank you, Lord), the snowy weather seems a little more (or less) than beautiful.  It seems a little frightening.

It’s at moments like these when I realize how selfish I can be when I look out my window and think, “OH, HOW BEAUTIFUL!” and don’t give a thought to all who are facing the weather OUTSIDE the comforts of their home.

Lord, forgive me when I see the world only through my small, self-absorbed eyes.  Help me always look beyond the view from my window pane so that I can see the world through Your eyes and through the eyes of others…..


Until Monday (I’ll be on the roads this weekend too, so I’ll be seeing this winter wonderland from a totally different perspective myself),

PS  When I get back, I will share the journey of our mouse hunt..which is continuing even today.