The LORD is gracious



   slow to anger and rich in love.

Psalm 145:8

Could there be a more powerful love story than the story of God’s love for us?

Any well-written romance has conflict, pain, drama, suspense, passion……….

And the Bible lacks none of these qualities.

To think that in a world where bad things happen, there is Someone Who chooses to walk with us through it all,

feeling our pain, carrying our loneliness, healing our brokenness……..

God promises to do all of this and more.

It’s Friday, and I am so thankful.

Today is silent reading day at school, and for me, this is a chance to be a little more still in the classroom.

I love the stillness of 30 students reading books quietly.  I often look around the room and wonder what words each of them are soaking in from their novels.

I’ve thought before how neat it would be to hear their thoughts as they read, just bouncing around from mind to mind hearing bits of this novel and then that one.

I am so thankful that there is one Book that reads the same for all of us.

A Book about a Creator who offers total freedom to His Creation and then spends the rest of time wooing us back to Him.

He’s longing for your love today.

He is gracious, though, and won’t ever demand it.

He is compassionate, too, and understands all of your questions and doubts.

Thankfully, he is also slow to anger when we turn against Him yet rich in love when we turn back.

God loves you.

If there could only be one message from me to you, it would be this,

God loves you.