As I prepared to speak on Friday evening, I set up my table with all of the things from Nick’s foundation and then placed my notes and Scriptures on the podium.

I went to walk away and looked back because I thought I saw something…..

and right there next to my notebook of verses was a penny!

I had to smile and quietly go get my camera. These moments are always special little things just between me and Nick at the time. 🙂

I may get to Heaven and find out he had nothing to do with the strange appearance of pennies right when I need them, but until then, I am going to embrace everyone of them as a little gift to keep me going!

We had a wonderful evening, and I wish I would have taken more pictures.  I wanted to share a few and say “thank you” for praying for me.    I love women so much and spending my evening with these ladies was such a blessing to my soul. Seeing tables spread so beautifully like the ones above reminds me that the banqueting table in Heaven is going to be indescribable!

Have a wonderful Monday and know you are loved by a mighty God,