I long to see you sitting there

I glance from time to time

The reminder of your absence

Is always on my mind

Sometimes Olivia plops right down

And shares a minute or two

Snoopy sleeps there often

As if that will be your cue

To walk in and say, “Get up, girl”

And give me back my seat

But then I quickly realize

As my heart seems to skip a beat

That even your voice is missing

From our home but not our heart

The memory of your smile

Will never from me part

Oh, Nick, we love you so much

You taught us more than a degree

Your chair may lack your presence

But it’s never really empty

Cause your spirit’s here-

It really is!

You still keep us on our toes

Every action, every word we say

From your memory flows…..

Thank you, Nick, for leading the way

With your courage and your love

We’ll live for Him until the day

We meet you up above!

See you soon.

Love, Your Mommy