Stumbling over toys and blankets, I made my way to the ringing phone on our kitchen wall.

“A job opportunity, and they thought of me?” my mind filled with a sense of significance it had not felt in a long time.

Someone thought I was capable of doing something that extended beyond changing diapers.

For whatever reason,

I needed that phone call on that particular day.


As I hung up the phone, I looked down at my t-shirt and sweat pants, a normal “uniform” for my “career,”

and I wondered if God was calling me out of my day-in-and-day-out sea of laundry, tears, and Fisher Price entertainment.


I sat for a minute and considered the option.

I had been a reliable babysitter to several friends over the years.

Surely God would provide a reliable one for me.


This was a big decision, though, and I knew I needed wise counsel.

Tim was in the middle of a busy day at work,

so I knew his advice would have to wait until evening.

So I thought of my friends and pondered who I should call.


As different friends came and went from my mind,

I could almost hear each of their answers before throwing out my question.

To work or not to work outside of the home?


I settled on a friend who I knew would speak more than what she personally thought was right for me.

I settled on a friend who I knew would challenge me to think deeply.

Then I called and poured out my heart.


After I was done talking,

she didn’t offer advice.

She didn’t say,

“Well, this is what I think you should do.”


She asked one question.


She said,

“What are you looking at right this minute?”


As I looked in front of me, I saw Evan in his high chair,

baby food encircling his mouth which was forming the cutest grin.


I told her what I saw,

and she asked me one more question,


“Do you want someone else taking your place with this view?”


I looked again and Evan’s big eyes met mine.

It was as if he knew what I had been asked,

and in that moment my sweat pants and t-shirt became designer clothes and my lot in life became my profession.


I was called to be home, and it was okay.


Finances weren’t always easy as our kids grew up.

Many weekends our excitement was going to KMart to buy a new puzzle with some of my babysitting money and then working it as a family.

Looking back, I wouldn’t trade those memories for the world.



As I reflect on that specific  memory,

I realize how important it is to turn to the right people when looking for advice.


Pilate was faced with a life-altering situation when Jesus was brought before him by the Jewish leaders.

These Jewish leaders hated Jesus, and they wanted Pilate to hate Him too.


Pilate found no fault in Jesus,

but he turned to an angry crowd with his dilemma and asked,

“What shall I do, then, with Jesus who is called Christ?”


The answer wasn’t pretty.


“Crucify Him!” they shouted over and over again.


Because Pilate turned in the direction of this crowd,

Jesus’ fate was set in stone.


I wonder if he looked back on that day and wished he would have turned to a different audience with his question.


In life, we are often faced with tough decisions.


Who we turn to for advice makes all the difference in the world.


Whether you work outside the home or stay at home,

you can be an awesome parent.


But there’s one question that will matter for eternity.

It’s the same question Pilate asked over 2,000 years ago,

“What shall I do, then, with Jesus who is called Christ?”

Turn the right direction for your answer.

It will change everything about your life.