choosing gratitude book picture Moody Publishers emailed me a few weeks ago to see if I would read Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ new book Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to Joy. And then, after reading what Nancy has to say, share about her words on my blog in the form of a review.

I love to read new books and I knew that Nancy was a great author, so I said, “yes.”

The book arrived just a few days ago and I am just now venturing into its pages, but I wanted to give you the opportunity to order the book if you wanted to read it along with me!!!

Every Thursday I’m going to post a bit about the next chapter in the book, so I thought it might be fun if you were reading along. Even if you’re not, you may decide to pick up a copy along the way.

I’m not receiving anything other than my copy of the book for this review, so I wanted to say up front…there is no hidden agenda in giving you the link for ordering. 🙂 I simply realized as I read the first chapter this morning that this is a powerful book with a powerful message and didn’t want to wait until I had finished it to share it with you.

For today, I want to share a thought from Joni Eareckson Tada’s foreward in the book. She compares her wheelchair to our life struggles. She shares how she had to make a decision to either choose gratitude or not choose gratitude as she faced the reality of her “horrible tragedy.”

So, for today, I am asking myself this question,

“What is my wheelchair and how am I facing it?”

For me, I believe my wheelchair is grief.

I have to choose gratitude or not choose gratitude. That is a difficult choice to make.

In the first chapter, Nancy talks about “The Invitation to Transformation” and how we have to make a choice to worship or to whine.

I am challenged today.

Here is the link to order this book:

Choosing Gratitude by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Making a choice to give thanks today even when a big part of me struggles to understand “how,”