Have you heard people talk about praying that God would “open a door if it’s the right one?” Or even that God would “close a door if it’s the wrong one?”

Well, as I was sitting on the stage of a school gym last week overseeing lunch detention, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by what was right in front of me!

A double-door suspended on a wall. I kept looking at the door thinking, “WHY?”

I guess you could use a ladder to get into the space behind the door, but then my question is still, “WHY?”

Whose idea was it to put the double doors up there? What was the reason? How often do they use them?

My mind just spun with questions………………..believe me, lunch detention doesn’t provide many other options.

I then thought of the journey ahead of me and wondered if in some ways God could have possibly placed my “next chapter” in a doorway such as this. A doorway that cannot be reached in a normal way or even in an easy way, but a doorway that is going to require some creativity, some climbing, some thinking, some planning.

I’d never really thought about praying that God would “lower a door?” But maybe that’s what I need to be praying!

How about you? Do you ever find yourself looking up at the next chapter in your life and thinking, “How will I ever make it up there?” or “Is this option even possible?”

Well, I just want to encourage you with the conclusion that I came up with after some thinking….

Doors don’t appear in strange places for no apparent reason, so if you sense a door is in front of you but is in some way unreachable……..it might be time to “think outside the normal architectural design” and figure out how to get to that door…….

I just felt this message had to be shared…..maybe if it’s just for one reader!!

I love the song…..”God will make a way, when there seems to be no way. He works in ways we cannot see, and He will make a way for thee…”