If you haven’t heard of the Harlem Shake, you’re probably not spending very much time around teenagers.  

I only heard of it about three weeks ago, even though I have a teenager living in my home.

Last night, the college kids who help at our church actually filmed our youth group performing the Harlem Shake, and I’ll share the video as soon as it is posted to the web.

In this “dance,” one person (usually wearing a mask of some sort) is dancing in the middle of a crowd of people who seem to have no idea the person is even there.

Then, the video breaks and suddenly everyone is dancing and wearing crazy costumes.


I’ve tried to understand how something could become so popular so quickly.  I read that at one time this winter 4,000 versions of this dance were being uploaded to the Internet every day!


The one thing I love about these videos is that one person who seems to do what they want to do even if no one else cares is able to transform an entire crowd almost immediately.


Wouldn’t it be great if we could somehow live like the first dancer in the Harlem Shake?


Confident enough in who we are and whose we are to simply be all we can be without worrying about anyone around us.


Sadly, I think many of us tend to be like the crowd, following the next best thing that comes along and gets us out of our seat…….


I think the most interesting thing about the Harlem Shake is that the lead person is wearing a mask?  I wonder why????


I’ve done a little research on the Harlem Shake, because things like this just boggle my mind; and I haven’t found a really good reason for why the mask is worn.


But, I do think it speaks to the fact that even in this crazy dance the lead dancer wears something to hide who they really are.


This morning I’m just wondering how this video phenomena can speak to us today. 


Here’s some questions I think we could all ask ourselves:


Do we ever wear a mask, hiding who we really are?

Do we try to lead or do we tend to follow?

If we try to lead, do we lead people to pointless things or things that are eternal?


I’m thinking about the Harlem Shake this morning, and I’m wondering if God can teach us something even through this fun little fad that seems to be taking our world by storm………


Paul is a great example of someone who could lead a New Testament Harlem Shake  – no mask needed –

Here’s what he had to say to the people of his day,


I Cor. 11:1

Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ…….