Do you ever have a moment when something “clicks” in your mind that you’ve known all along, and suddenly it becomes sharper, clearer, more explainable?


As if an ocean wave laps over the shore in such a powerfully, beautiful way that the thousands of waves before it seem less spectacular.


You grasp something you already knew at such a deeper level that everything you knew before seems to transform before your eyes like the sand under your feet.


To others your epiphany may seem like,  “Really?  I got that a long time ago.”

But to you, it’s freeing, exciting, inviting, comforting, and on and on and on…….


Here’s my ocean- wave moment this morning.


The secret to experiencing God is simply placing yourself in His presence continually,

opening your heart and mind to Him 24/7.

The reason things get so complicated in our relationship with Him is because we have an enemy who wants to do everything

he can to keep us from doing the one thing we were created to do, which is………..


Experience God.

I’m thinking all the way back to the Garden of Eden.

Adam and Eve had it made!

God walked with them every single day.

He created them for His pleasure and gave them a perfect place to live and love.

Then came the enemy.

And in the blink of an eye, Eve took a bite of more than a simple piece of fruit……

she bit into the lie that God was holding something back from her.


And don’t we bite into this lie every day?


Commercials promise us more of this or that.

And we buy the products.

Pain and suffering leave us feeling as if God has somehow abandoned us.

And we find ourselves wondering where God is when we hurt.


With just a horizontal view of life, it can easily seem like something is missing.


That’s where God longs to step in and say, “I am enough.”


When we reach the place in life where our hearts settle in on the reality that God is always with us; and we embrace it, letting the wave wash over us and change us ,

we  realize at our core that “experiencing God” is simply allowing His presence to be enough.


To sit on a bench and hear birds chirping and know that God created the birds of the air.

To walk on a dusty road and know that Jesus once had dusty feet too.

To be in the middle of a stressful meeting at work and remember that all of the this “stuff” we deal with on earth is just temporary and maybe, just maybe, we are in that meeting so we can remind everyone else of what really matters.


Yes, what I write today is nothing new.

There are hundreds of books already written about this very truth.


But, today, I’m feeling it deeply.

I’m feeling the excitement of knowing that God walks right beside me on the good days and the bad.


Nothing can separate you or me from the love of God.


We can run all the way to the east, west, north, or south, but the “UP” of our life never changes.

It is still Him.


The secret to experiencing God is really no secret at all.


Just embrace that comforting words, “He is with you.”


He always has been and He always will be.


ADELE is God’s Hebrew name meaning,

“I am, I was, and I will be….”

I hope you will experience ADELE today.