I was walking through my garden yesterday when I realized that my cucumber plant was actually growing a cucumbers!070911028 I don’t know why I was so shocked and happy, but I was!


I looked around and discovered that another plant is showing signs of cucumbers too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!070911035 Now I’ll watch and wait for some tomatoes!070911037 I can’t help but think of the verse that says, “He who sows in tears will reap songs of joy.”  This verse doesn’t give a timeline for our reaping.  No secret amount of days, weeks, months, or even years.  It simply says “sow in tears and you will reap songs of joy.”

If you find yourself sowing in tears, take heart!

God promises that you will reap songs of joy!  He doesn’t say you “might reap songs of joy” or “hopefully you will reap songs of joy.”  He says  you WILL reap songs of joy!

Let your faith keep you smiling as you sow in tears knowing that….

In time, you will find yourself having a happy day-maybe even a day full of laughter-

When you do, consider it a surprise cucumber kind-of day!  The harvest is nearer than you think!

Longing for the harvest,