I’m trying to read through the Bible again in a year…this is probably my tenth time to try but only my second time to truly commit to this in my life, but I am determined.

It’s a littler easier to tackle Leviticus than it was last year, but I’m still struggling with the, honestly gory, details of what the priests were called to do to animals in order to present pleasing sacrifices to God.

I’m on a little mission right now to truly understand WHY God called His people to do the things they had to do in order to be forgiven, to remove guilt, to make peace.

I understand that the sacrifices taught the people about obedience, and that God was very clear in His expectations.  I also can see the analogy between the blood of the animals and the “life” it represented between God and the Israelites.

But I’m longing today to see if I can study enough to come to some sort of inner peace when I read about bull’s heads being burned on an altar or the blood of a goat being sprinkled in proper places.  Just typing these words makes me cringe, because they bring ugly pictures into my mind.

But then I’m quickly reminded of how ugly the crucifixion of Jesus really was.  A human being hung to die on a cross….for our sins. 

Nothing more. 

Nothing He had done.

A sinless man hanging for me and for you.

We wear necklaces with crosses on them because we don’t want to forget.

We have communion to remind us of His body and His blood.

And I don’t question this ugliness like I do the Old Testament sacrifices.  I simply say “thank you, Lord” for giving us your Son.

Today, I want to remember just how ugly the sacrifice of Jesus was in the eyes of those watching.  I want to be brought to my knees in extreme thankfulness.

And I want it to really sink in that just as Jesus was sacrificed for my sins God is calling me to a life of sacrifice….which can sometimes be ugly.

Dying to my “self” and living for Him.chess sacrifice

That means that I don’t come first.

That means that I put the needs of others above mine.

That means that His will becomes my will.

So, today, as I venture into life, my prayer is that I can truly be a living sacrifice for Him………even when it gets ugly or feels as if I’m giving it my all so that others can find Him………

If you are feeling like this chess pawn above, SMILE!  You are making a huge difference in the game of life even if you feel you have sacrificed yours in some way for Him.  🙂

On the altar for Him,