I remember hearing Sheila Walsh speak at Women of Faith several years ago. Her gentle voice and adorable accent captivated the audience.  As she shared about her journey through depression, I was inspired at a time in my life when feeling “blue” seemed to be more common than any other emotion I experienced.

Turning the pages of Sheila’s newest book, The Shelter of God’s Promises, I felt as if I had been taken back in time to that conference where I heard her speak.  The words jumped off the pages into my heart with the same depth of emotion I had experienced when listening to her speak.

shelter of Gods promises

As she ventured through God’s promises regarding provision, peace, confidence, love, grace, hope, and strength, and Heaven, I found myself being overcome with a sense of joy. 

As a grieving mom, I was especially thankful when Sheila faced the tough reality that even within God’s promises, faithfulness, and love, we will eventually run up against difficult seasons that leave us with many unanswered questions.  I loved how Sheila shared personal stories from her own life so that the reader could become more acquainted with her on a more intimate level.

On top of bringing us a great book, Sheila has added study questions at the end of the book so that the concepts within her writing can be used as a Bible study! If you’re looking for something new for a small group study or Sunday school, check out The Shelter of God’s Promises!

Another great book that I am just now digging into and plan to finish in the next few weeks is Regret-Free Parenting, written by Catherine Hicken, a licensed psychotherapist and mother of two adult chlidren.

regret free parenting

Whether you are a new parent or the parent of grown children, I believe you will gain deep insights into being all that God longs for you to be in your role as a mom or dad as you uncover the wealth of information held in this book.

These chapter headings show you how much Regret-Free Parenting has to offer you as a mom or dad:

Why Well-Meaning Moms Raise Insecure Kids

Why Good Kids Don’t Feel Good

You Can Live Peacefully in the Teenage Years

Become a Thinking Mom

Respect is Necessary:  Happiness is Not

The Difference Between Control and Intention

God’s Sense of Humor Begins with Contractions

I plan to highlight every chapter as I read!  I still have so much to learn about being the mom God wants me to be.  Thankfully, Catherine incorporates Scripture references throughout the book, reminding me that the best parental advice I can receive comes from above.

I love this quote from her writing, and I hope it will give you a peek into the wisdom Catherine Hickem has gained in her three decades of professional counseling,

The intentional mom parents from a fullness instead of an emptiness and maintains a laser focus on the well-being of her children, knowing that each stage brings unique opportunities to develop and unfold.”

I am excited to announce that I have been given the opportunity to provide  five copies of each of these books as give-away prizes from my blog to you!!!!!!!!!!!  If you would like to be entered in a drawing for one or both of the books, please post your email address below under “precious comments.”  If you are only interested in one of the books, please let me know so that I only place in your name in that particular drawing. 😉 

The drawing will be on Sunday evening!

God bless each of you as you strive to live for Him!