Have you ever found yourself needing direction?  Longing for a Providential sign?

I seem to reach crossroads time and time again in life where I find myself sitting and waiting.

Waiting for God to show up and say something profound like, “Tammy, do this, or Tammy, do that.”

So I pray, I plead, and I read His Word.

And sometimes I get hints of direction.

Sometimes, I even get a clear Word that leaves me in goose bumps, certain that God has made very clear what He would have me do next.

Yet, other times I read, longing for an answer, and I find stories of mysterious things like Nadab and Abihu bringing an unholy fire before God and being swallowed up in a blaze.

Or I read verses and verses of what to do when an Israelite has a skin infection, and I find myself looking up and longing to know why these Words were recorded for all mankind to read.

Surely they matter or they wouldn’t be included.

Surely there’s something buried in these words that I need to hear today.

So what is it, Lord?

What are you saying today?

Here’s what I’m hearing and taking from my reading this morning,

“God is Holy.”

That’s the message.

Unholy fire was unacceptable from Nadab and Abihu.

Diseases of any kind were cause for separation from the Israelite tribe.

God is Holy and Perfect, and He demanded holy sacrifices and clean people………even in the wilderness.

I sometimes feel as if I’m in the wilderness.

Do you?

Sort-of in a wandering state, knowing there’s “something better” coming.

Maybe it’s something better here on earth, and maybe it’s just the reality that the real “something better” may not occur until we stand face to face with our Savior.

Either way, it’s coming!

And we know without a shadow of a doubt that the road we’re on is leading us there – just like the Israelites knew the Promised Land was out there, somewhere ahead of them, and they were on their way!

But until they got there, it was clear that God had some heavy expectations.

Holy fire.  Acceptable worship.

Clean lives.  Separation from things that could defile them.

I’m still processing the depth of these words this morning, but I think I’m on to something today.

God is Holy.

That’s it.

Whether He chooses to make an answer clear to me or not today or tomorrow or the next day, He wants me to know this……He’s Holy.

And if I am His, I must come to Him with holy fire and a clean heart.

No jumping ahead with my own fire, my own authority, my own motives, and my imperfections…………

God is Holy.

For today, that is more than enough for me to know.