I’m leaving town tomorrow and heading to Columbus, Ohio, to spend the weekend with the wonderful women at the Genoa Baptist Church!

As I pull together my last-minute preparations, my heart keeps drifting to all of you, my friends, who gather here from time to time to spend a few minutes hopefully drawing just a little closer to God.  I think of all of you as a group, and I think of you as individuals:

You who are waiting for packages in Romania.

You who are entering the holidays in a season of deep grief just like I am.

You who are striving to live for Him in the midst of busy schedules.

You who are dealing with HUGE issues in your personal lives (marriage situations, parenting trials, financial concerns, aging parents, health issues, and so much more).

I just want you to know this:

I will pray for you while I am gone.  I will not wait “until Monday.”

I will have my phone with me if a crisis worsens.  You do not have to wait “until Monday.”

I will be asking God to walk right beside you in every step of your nights and days……all of those moments “until Monday” and then beyond.

I’m thankful that God has made the world a little smaller through the use of technology, but in this “smallness” that we sometimes feel, I pray that we we don’t forget the HUGENESS of our Creator, Sustainer, Comforter, Friend, Provider, Father, and Omnipotent King.

Oh, and for my Sunday school sisters…I will be back in town for Sunday!  I just won’t be online “until Monday.”  🙂

Praying and loving you all,