You may remember how a little guy named Isaac came into my life almost two weeks ago and reminded me of the importance of “laying down” parts of my life that I treasure so that God can provide just what I need for this particular season of my life.  If not, you can CLICK HERE to read that post.

I’ve been amazed at how God continues to use this same little boy to speak to my heart.

Last week, his teacher shared some student work from a class assignment on penguins during a teacher academy.

As I was looking through student work, I learned all kinds of interesting and funny things about these creatures. 

But my reading stopped as I looked at Isaac’s paper.  His beginning handwriting combined with the fact he chose to share made me sit for a minute and just smile.

This is what he wrote:

photo (41)

Penguin dads put their babies on their feet.

No other child had mentioned this fact about penguins.  Most of the students had shared something about what penguins eat or how they eat or where they live, but Isaac shared something about what penguins do as parents.

The thought of a daddy penguin placing its baby on his feet, as if to say, ‘I’ll walk for you.  I’ll lead the way.  I’ll protect you.”

In a world with so many human fathers who aren’t even present to provide for the daily needs of their children, this animal fact carries even more meaning.

It’s almost as if God knew we would need something to teach us about His love in a world where love seems so conditional, so He created animals that could deliver this message in a beautiful way consistently and with a very specific purpose – survival.

I believe God wants us to learn from penguins today, and once again He allowed Isaac to speak.  This time through his writing.

Penguin dads put their babies on their feet.

Isn’t this what God longs to do with us today?

Lift us up.

Place us on His feet.

Walk with us.

Carry us.

Lead the way.

Protect us.

Guide our steps.


I don’t know what you’re facing today, but I hope you’ll allow the Creator of the Universe, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings to do for you what a penguin dad does for his baby. 

Allow God to put you on His feet.

Scriptures say that the earth is His footstool, so I think He has plenty of support for handling you and all your needs!


Thankful today for Isaac, penguins, and all of you!

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday.  I left my computer in my friend’s car after work! Oops!