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The Bible Bowl team from Gregoryville Christian Church was here tonight when we had the joy of talking with Erich from Africa!!  With the use of Skype, Erich was able to see all of us and hear our voices!! 

We were able to get his responses online in typed form, so it was funny to read his remarks to our conversation!

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Todd replies to the “Hi, Moron!” comment from Erich after Todd said “hi” through the camera lens!

Erich called too!

He said he’s “lovin’ it” in Africa! 

We didn’t get to talk long.  He really wanted to call his girlfriend, Mallory!

So, I was a big girl and let him say “bye” to us, even though I wanted to ask him 100 questions!

Can’t help but think that if we could talk to Nick on the phone from Heaven that he’d say he’s lovin’ it too.  Goodness, we miss them both so much!